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Part Time Work
P- Perfect
A- Available
R- Resource with
T- Time management

T- Towards
I- Income
M- Moving
E- endless

This will be the perfect for describing the part time job. Indeed just because of this everyone has passion to go for it and make something good for their live-hood, Sounds Great? Isn't it? But have you really get anything which exactly work for you as part time as per Time management? Confused? I am explaining. I am listing some so called part time work. You only decide if it is part time or not?
  • Ad-posting job
  • Email- Reading job
  • Paid to click job(Ptc)
  • Paid to Play job(Ptp)
  • Paid to Read job(Ptr)
  • Survey Job
  • Email Processing job
  • Blog Writing job
  • Essay Writing job
  • Web template design job
  • Blog posting job
  • Click bank job
  • Paydotcom job
  • commission junction job
According to the above listed job it is divided for three different skill set.

  1. Technical
  2. Network market
  3. Internet market
1. Technical jobs means web template job or site maintaince., php coding, tele communication job, contract job. This part time job is for those who is really good in technology and having previous work experience so that they have to bid the project and if they win then only they will get the work. Maximum online users who is seeking for part time job is not suitable for this kind of work.

2. Network Marketing job also commonly known as MLM (multi level marketing).

N- Need Immediate
E- Earning at any
T- Time
W- Working as
O- Organization for
R- Reward of
K- knowledge

As the name itself suggest, have to sell something online, or join people under affiliate also known as Matrix program. The much you will join people under your affiliate or reference the most your team size increase, the most you will earn. This work is not suitable for those who are not good in making online friends or making team. In simple word, maximum online users seeking for part time work are failure here because of dependability on others and the team size grow to make money.

3. Internet Marketing job
, in this internet market advertise product for different companies, collect email id, email processing all this kind of work comes under this category.

I- Immediate
N- Network for
T- Team
E- Earning
R- Remarkable
N- Never Ending resource for
E- Earning
T- Timely payment

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